Latinos Positivos

This communication campaign was made for Latinos Positivos, an NGO that works for hispanic PWAs (People Living with HIV/AIDS) in Toronto, Ontario.

Latinos Positivos
Latinos Positivos Toronto is a Canadian organization that helps hispanic residents of Toronto at risk for and living with HIV/AIDS. The organization has been around for more than a decade, and as a mature NGO, needed an updated look. We finished this fully bilingual website together with a Twitter page and a brochure in record time and under a very tight budget. Over 75% of my fee was donated to the organization, and we have plans to expand the line of communication materials to reach this vulnerable and underserved community in Ontario.
This is the recto part of the brochure. Below is the verso.
Above is the Twitter home page. Below, three sample pages of the website showing some navigation features, and the difference between the Spanish and English pages.
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