Personal work

These are a few examples of personal work.

Personal Work 
From time to time, I draw, dabble with collage, and paint. These are some of my favourite pieces.
M. Shepard '98
7.5 cm x 10.2 cm
Acrylic, and metal leaf on maple wood, 2007

Matthew Shepard was bludgeoned to death in 1998. I chose to portray him as a typical martyr as depicted in Mexican baroque painting, holding a palm frond. I read somewhere that his blood covered him so completely, the only place where you could see his skin was where his tears had washed it away.
Ten Lives
43 cm x 58 cm, 2010
Antique engravings, gold leaf, newspaper clippings (ca. 1780-1840), glass and wood.

I am an avid collector of antique engravings and ephemera. I found some newspaper clippings related to slavery at auction, and combined them with a fashion engraving that depicted a genteel woman with her babe and african servant, as well as other images of african slaves in engaged in different activities. This is the result—quite innocuous until you stop to think about the violence frozen in time by the notices printed in the newspapers of the time.
Whores3 (Babylon)
18.5 cm x 31 cm, 2010
Antique engravings, vintage porn, paper, silk, painted plaster statue, rolled paper, wood veneer, antique niche.

In Mexico, men who wanted to have sex with other men frequently met beside churches at night. This piece depicts such an encounter.
19.7 cm x 19.7 cm, 2008
Antique engravings, watercolour, and gold leaf on paper, plain and mirrored glass, and vintage frame.

I love greek and roman myths, and this is my depiction of Venus in the mirror. Influenced by Velázquez's own Venus, she is depicted in front of a mirror.
Holy Shit (Hogs, Get Piggy)
13.5 cm x 17 cm, 2009
Magazine photos, vintage porn, antique silver icon casing.

Gay culture in the XXIst century is centered around gay icons such as Lady Gaga and Vivian Leigh, sex and drugs. This piece aims to portray our new god—pop culture.
12" x 12", 2011
Digitally enhanced pen and ink drawing
12" x 12", 2011
Digitally enhanced pen and ink drawings
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