Pulse Spring/Summer 2012

The Spring/Summer 2012 edition of the University of Toronto's Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing Magazine.

Pulse Magazine
This is the third issue of the redesigned Pulse Magazine, and it is stronger than the two previous issues. The theme of this issue was "Partnerships", and we managed to secure fantastic illustrations to enhance the ideas of the text. Enjoy!
This was the cover, illustrated by Gérard Dubois. I am particularly proud of the way my type treatments dance with the beautiful artwork.
This was the last spread in the book. I chose to put it before other spreads because it always features a photo I restored and colorized from the University's archives. You will find a spliced image below, so you can see the difference my work made.

It took a while—remove dust and scratches, enhance the image, improve the contrast, sharpen the photo as much as possible, colorize it... We're quite proud of it.
Another spread illustrated by Gérard. In this case we had to illustrate the topic of an academic/real practice impasse.
The spread above was illustrated by Megan Halsey, who was illustrated every back-of-book opener since the redesign.
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